Week 1

Well, that was frenetic!!

Most of this week was spent on interpreting technical drawings. This involved learning symbols for various common components. We also learnt to read and draw various different types of electrical drawings from block diagrams (which are very “big picture” affairs, somewhat akin to flow charts) to circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams. The latter of which represent the actual physical terminals on devices and how the connect to other devices.

We were also asked to draw a floor plan of our dream home and show all wiring, lighting, power points, etc. We touched on some common terminology (GPO, Batten Holder, Gang Switches, etc) that I am unfamiliar with so I think I’ll have to draw up a glossary until I get the hang of them all.

Rumour has it that a considerable number of teachers have left in the last few months, leaving the school about six teachers short. This, compounded with a change in course content (which I will talk another time) has left us totally unable to do any prac work this week, and it is unclear at what point we’ll be getting our hands dirty.

On the subject of prac work, it turns out that we need safety boots (ie steel capped boots) and safety glasses to be allowed into the workshop. I would have been a lot happier if they’d told me this at the orientation day so that I could have arranged some over the last few weeks. I picked up a comfortable pair of Blundestone boots on Friday afternoon. They set me back about $150, and after talking to the other guys in my class, it seems that most people paid between $100 and $150 for their boots. Quite a few guys picked up the Rossi boots available at Bunnings (though I suspect this was more a matter of convenience than anything else – Bunnings is open after hours and most work gear shops aren’t).

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