No Enrolement Package Yet

I faxed through my acceptance on 04 January, and confirmed its receipt with a phone call to the TAFE on 08 January, but I have not yet received my Enrolement Package. If it doesn’t arrive in Monday’s mail, I’ll ring them again that afternoon to find out what the deal is.


Still no package so I rang the TAFE. Apparently, the enrolement packages will now be distributed on orientation day. No reason was given for the change. This is moderately annoying as I was hoping to have the package in advance so I could get clarification (if required) on the day. Also, it would have given me more time to prepare (ie acquire any necessary supplies or clothing). As it is, I’ll only have the Australia Day weekend to get ready. I was further hoping that the package would shed a little light on what to expect from the orientation day. I hate going into things blind! Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to show up and muddle through.


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