By Way Of Introduction…

Wow. So this is it. It is really happening.

After twelve years in the public service, I’m starting a new career. From scratch. I’ve been talking about doing this for almost six months, and considering it for about twice that. And now it is happening.

Scary. And not a little exciting too!

Thanks Michelle for setting up this website. I suppose I should introduce myself to the masses, so here is the executive summary:

My name is Stacy. I’m a 32 year old guy living in Brisbane somewhat against my will. Being born and bred in Canberra, the humidity up here tends to knock me about a bit, but my ex wife moved here some years back with my (now) 9 year old son. Since I couldn’t handle being so far away from him, I moved up here shortly thereafter. That’s what I get for marrying a Queenslander, I suppose. πŸ™‚

Anyway, other than the humidity, I quite like it up here. The people tend to be friendlier, and the absence of daylight saving never made much sense until I actually moved here.

I joined the public service straight out of high school and have been there almost all of my working life so far. Despite the common belief that it is a bit of a bludge, I have recently discovered that it is a trap. Firstly, let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not hard yakka in the traditional Aussie sense. Mostly it’s sitting in front of a computer in air-conditioned comfort all day. The salary pays most of the bills, most of the time, and I’ll probably never find better conditions in terms of flexibility, job security and time off. It is these points that make the service so hard to leave, but leave it I must.

In the last year or two it has become apparent that (for reasons I won’t go into here) the job has been sapping my strength and will in so many ways. And so, after careful and extensive consideration and research, I have decided to become an electrician. Based on what I have read and been told, a pre-vocational TAFE course is a good means to that end. As such, I submitted my application yesterday.

When first considering an apprenticeship, I found quality information extremely hard to come by, particularly for someone who was already employed full time. Most organisations don’t want to know you unless you are unemployed and willing to be put on their books as a job seeker. Thus, my plan now is to use this website as a running commentary of the procedures, trials and triumphs of this journey in the hopes that it will shed a bit of light for others considering the possibility of becoming a sparky. So if you have any questions feel free to email me or drop your query into a comment and I’ll try to answer it as best I can.

Here’s to 2007! It promises to be a very interesting and eventful year!


Happy Birthday Stacy!

Happy Birthday!We talked about how cool it would be to have a web site where you write about your trials, tribulations and adventures as an electrical apprentice.

Well, I’ve done the easy bit – here’s your web site and domain name.

Now it’s up to you to do all the writing bit.

Happy Birthday and Good Luck!